CAN problem on FEZ Panda

I have a problem to connect the CAN as in the presentation document is on the CAN bus port and Di7 Di4 while on the schema of the FEZ Panda c’es I’m told not. I do not know or connect my Rx and Tx pin on the map panda?

They look correct. TD and RD are the CAN signals. Note that the IOxx numbers are not the same as Dixx number.
So CAN output is Di7 and input is Di4 as in the brochure.

CAN is on pins 4 and 7 on silk screen and on schematics

I use the card DEV-10039 I would like to know how to connect it to the panda?

What is " DEV-10039 "?

the dev is

That shield is made for Arduino which doesn’t have CAN controller. FEZ already has CAN controller built in. It actually has 2 CAN channels. You only need to add CAN transceiver (8-pin chip) to make CAN work.

Look at the third page here to see how it should connect