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Can not do CDC Debug with Visual Studio Express


The directions for using the CDC indicate the use of the Break All, then Continue, which is only in Visual Studio NOT Visual Studio Express! Visual Studio Express only has debug and break. How do I do this ?

I am still looking for a simple example to do data transfers from a Fez operating as a USB device to and from the PC in a simple way I can bundle with my product. Don’t point me to Fez Term again, it doesn’t work with Visual Studio Express.

Please someone point me in the right direction soon or I am going to give up and use a different solution.

By the way this is a prototype for a product that will go into production, I am trying to find the right controller and USB interface.



This is from documentation: [quote]You have to pause it (Break All) and then click resume (Continue or Step) to continue with normal debugging.[/quote]
So, you have to pause the debugging (same as you would in normal debugging) and then continue. The “pause” is called “Break All”. it is under Debug tab and then click break all. This has nothing to do with what VS version you have.


You have to enable “Expert” settings: click Tools -> Settings -> Expert Settings to enable the “pause” button.



Thanks Rob, That was very helpful.

However, the whole things still bombs as usual when the code has been deployed to the device and I still see the “Windows needs to install driver software for your USBizi”


Can you please not use CDC till you are VERY comfortable with the whole setup?

Yes when you enable CDC, windows will ask for drivers are not you have added CDC. This requires CDC to work on your system which you said it didn’t when you were trying to load loader drivers.


I have an idea. Why don’t you remove the driver completely then try from zero. Most of our users uses these driver with Vista

  1. Go to device manager.
  2. Attach your FEZ Domino.
  3. look for it in the devices list
  4. Right Click -> Uninstall. Check the “Delete the driver software” checkbox.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Go to add/remove programs
  7. uninstall GHI NETMF SDK and GHI Drivers SDK.

Now you can start from zero Using FEZ tutorial document

Then if you are trying to use the USB CDC feature in your application, follow the example included in GHI libraries documentation.


Gus, then show me how I can do data transfers from the Fez to the PC and vice versa like it should be so simple to do, and I will happily stop using this CDC junk.


What does this mean ?

“windows will ask for drivers are not you have added CDC. This requires CDC to work on your system which you said it didn’t when you were trying to load loader drivers.”


Just tell me why Windows is looking for new drivers from me and then can not reinstall them when it enters CDC mode ???


Once it gets to CDC mode, I have to re-install the firmware because it all goes bad.


Hang on a minute…

Okay, I see that on the GHIElectronics page there is an indication that there is another driver needed for CDC which makes sense but no one mentioned in all my posts!!!

I am going to go through this and GHI looks like it has a lot of the info I need.

I think you guys need to better integrate this information, it is very confusing for the first time users. Who is FEZ, who is TINYCLR, who is GHI ???

So if I just use the GHI docs, will that be common with what is in FEZ ?

This really isn’t clear at all.


If you put the CDC drivers on the TINYCLR webpage all this pain and anguish that I have caused for you would not have happened!

Also you may want to nuke the autoinstall drivers, as I doubt they are in sync with the latest NETMF SDK drivers.

This is all becoming strangely clear, but if you guys really want to be Freakin Easy, you need to spend some time organizing information and making it clear to first time users.


You have 3 posts already in like 5 minutes! :slight_smile: Give us a chance to respond… a chance to think about your question and give you a good answer! …Help us to help you.

So lets us start from the beginning.

  1. On the same PC you have now, can you debug deploy and do everything with no problems? (you are NOT using CDC or any method that effect the USB Client just yet)
  2. what is your firmware version number? (see the getting started video)
  3. open release notes file in your GHI SDK on your PC, is the USBizi version number matching what you have in step 2?
  4. Hold LDR button and reset the board while holding LDR button, to enter boot loader. (see firmware update video). Now windows will load the loader drivers which is CDC (virtual serial port). Do you have new port? Can you erase all using E and then update the firmware?

When you answer all above then I should be able to assist you better.


Why should that happen? CDC driver are part of the CDC feature and they are pointed out in teh documentation. Anyone reading the “one page” CDC info will know how to do it all with no problems.

These are NOT the CDC drivers. They are optional anyway as the drivers are already in the SDK.

It is Freaking Easy according to hundreds of users you see here :slight_smile: Many of them tried to help you too. Still, if you find something not so easy then you only have to com here ans ask for help and we will make sure it is easy.

Anyway, I am glad you have it working. It should be easier for you from that point on, even if you do not read the manual :slight_smile: The first step is always the hardest. We look forward to see your FEZ projects.


It’s working!!!

Thanks for all the help from everyone, my apologies for my curtness.

I will collect my experiences in a post so that others don’t have to go through the hassle I did to get CDC working.

Seriously though, you guys need to work on making your documentation more clear. I see now that the information is here, but its all over the place and not clearly unified for the first timers.

Maybe I have a learning disability but I had no idea how FEZ and GHI are connected.

Hopefully we have all learned something. Now I know where the GHI info is, hopefully you will not hear from me unless I have good news.

If you want all users to have a Freakin Easy experience, then you guys need to work on your examples, app notes, documentation, and navigation.

Thanks again, now if you will excuse me I have some coding to do : )


You are very welcome and we look forward to helping you in future. This is why we are here…to help everyone :slight_smile: