Can not connected “FEZCerbot” and “WiFi RN171”

On Visual Studio 2012 I added FEZCerbot and WiFi RN171 from Toolbox, but I cant connected this models. All other models can be connected just fine.

I am using GHI Software Package v4.2.

On the description page of the FEZ Cerbot mentioned that WiFi RN171 can be added …six compatible sockets allow FEZ Cerbot to be extended in many ways. Add a WiFi RN171 module to control the robot…

Please help.

It seems that only K-sockets are accepted, which do not exist at Cerbot. However, according to the description the wifi module can be connected to K- and U-sockets.

The following manual implementation of the wifi-module (socket 3) accepts the modul:

public partial class Program
   Gadgeteer.Modules.GHIElectronics.WiFi_RN171 wifi;
   void ProgramStarted()
      this.wifi = new GTM.GHIElectronics.WiFi_RN171(3);          

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A simple search for “WiFi_RN171” will uncover the following thread:

We also documented this in Known Issues