Can Music Module run with an unpowered speaker?

Not sure if the right forum…

I want to use the Music Module. It states that it has a headphone audio-amplifier. Can I connect an unpowered speaker to it? Is the module powerful enough to drive it?


@ rgelb - you will need an amplifier to drive the speakers.

@ taylorza but the description ( states that it has an amplifier built-in.

Yes buit-in headphone audio-amplifier for anything else you need atleast a simple amplifier.

Look for a simple LM38xx based schematic.

Will it work with a battery powered speaker? Sorry for beating this to death - I am a total newb hardware-wise.

@ rgelb - You should be able to use a battery powered speaker with it. The level and quality of the output will vary, depending on the quality of the speaker you use, and the amplifier it uses (portable speakers typically have built-in amplifiers, but they can vary dramatically in quality and power).