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Can larger size MicroSD cards be used with Domino?


I remember reading somewhere that the Domino supported 2GB MicroSD cards. The smallest size MicroSD that I could find at the local Frys was 4GB … will this work?



Domino will support any SDHC compliant card - ie: upto 32gb however they think it will work to 64gb too.

4gb will work just fine.


I not sure if this is perfectly correct but SD cards over the 2GB require the HC interface (higher capacity) I think the clusters are larger…

Putting in a 4GB will work but as to reading ALL the data…I’m not sure.

I mistakingly put a 16GB pen drive into a cobra… I did read it…eventually!! (Thousands of files)

It may come down to the ram thats allocated for the FAT tables. I’m sure one the Fez Monkey will tell you.



You saw this somewhere else, not on our website :slight_smile:
We support any SD card of any size, as long as it is SDHC compliant and 99.9% of cards are.

Nop! Just use any card of any size and it should simply work :wink:

…after all these FEZes are coming from the professional product line offered by GHI


The netduino plus has a 2gb limit.



I have been told, and dismissed it completely, that the netduino and netduino+ are better than the domino and mini… Just goes to show doesn’t it…

By the way Gus / Joe… Reading about this subject on, a question asked about .net “Which product should I use” Jan, from, gave your product a very healthy thumbs up!! A very concise explination indeed.
Joe Issa is the guy in question…any relation?



Joe has been known to talk in other forums or make comments on products to make sure people have the full information.


That’s me ::slight_smile: in the netmf forum


I think it is easy to lay down a list of supported of software features, a list of hardware capabilities, a list of the company achievements in NETMF fields…etc. and then you make that decision.


You are right … I was getting the Fez products confused with the Netduino … my bad.

I’ll have go out and get one so that I have it by the time my Domino arrives.



In this page you can compare most of products features


What a good looking man in the old business suit…

Its nice to have a face to a name…

Cheers Ian


Thanks IanR