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Can I use this LCD from Sparkfun?


Dear all,

have somebody try to use this LCD from Sparkfun?

Can I use the normal framework classes for this disaply(like Bitmap , Lines …)

I think it was a Nokia 6100 display and it uses the SPI bus for communication.

Thanks in advance



We have thought about supporting those Nokia 6100 displays but we didn’t for many reasons:

  1. Most importantly, the display uses 9-bit communication!!! How would you fit a frame buffer in any program with 9bit?! If you use 8-bit then ti is too small and if you use 16 bit then you are loosing so much memory.

  2. The display is too small to do anything useful

  3. The quality was horrible when compared to our 3.5" and 4.3" TFT display we use on other products.

  4. The SPI interface and lack of built in graphics acceleration would give you very very slow results.

The only benefit we see is that this display is really cheap. So, as of now, these are not supported.


Yeah ,

but for some small icons it would be enough :smiley:

I also have a EM TFT development kit and when I take a look in the schematics it is not so easy to adapt the LCD.

For FEZ Domino it is easier to use SPI.

Maybe there is a LCD which can be used out-of-the-box.