Can I use an adafruit C++ library in netMF TFT application?

Dear All,

This github gives a lot of drivers.

If I have an Adafruit driver in C++ or C language from github. Can I use it for a c# based NETMF application to work with my TFT display?

Is this post close to my problem?


no, that’s nothing like what your problem is. This is about creating your own NETMF port and using “interop” capability. You don’t need that.

You (just) need to recode the driver into C#. Where the adafruit driver sets a pin, you need to set a pin in C#. Where it does a bit calculation, you need to recode it to do the same in netmf.

Dear Brett,

That’s the interesting stuff.

When I worked in Adruino, it wasn’t using SPI. But in the case of Panda III and the Github based Vecc.Netduino.Drivers.Ili9341 project, it is SPI based. In the driver Constructor, it is asking for the pins

//var tft = new Driver(isLandscape: true,
// lcdChipSelectPin: Pins.GPIO_PIN_D5,
// dataCommandPin: Pins.GPIO_PIN_D6,
// backlightPin: Pins.GPIO_PIN_D7);
var tft = new Driver(isLandscape: true,
lcdChipSelectPin: GHI.Pins.FEZPandaIII.Gpio.D5,
dataCommandPin: GHI.Pins.FEZPandaIII.Gpio.D6,
backlightPin: GHI.Pins.FEZPandaIII.Gpio.D7);

But this arguments are not correct. I need to find it. :smile:

No. No you don’t.

You need to take the Arduino driver and rewrite that code in C#. We’ve already agreed that the ILI 9341 driver is for SPI and is not the same controller chip so is probably not much use to you.

So please take a step back and explain what you want to achieve.

What display MUST you use? That’s not necessarily what display you currently have - if you can change it, why create work for yourself, choose something that’s $15 and just going to work. And please provide a link to the ACTUAL display you have. Without that, we’re still not even sure what the driver is