Can code brick a Cerb?

I ran a piece of code on my Cerb to set the time and now, after several attempts including wiping the application off the device with FezConfig; I cannot communicate with the device at all.

Should I be soldering in jumpers into the LDR header and trying for a tinybooter update?

its unlikely that you wiped it, but yes you should reapply firmware from scratch.

What is visible in Device Manager?

Remember to add a 10 sec delay at the start :slight_smile:

@ Brett - I had to wipe it, run STM32 dfuse and reapply the tinybooter then put back the firmware then the application. Good thing I soldered on a jumper first. Did you mean 10ms or 10 seconds, seconds?

I added a compile condition

 #if DEBUG
        if (!Debugger.IsAttached) {

Just wait for the debugger. I just relearned a lesson.