CAN bus message received doesn't fire with range filter only

I have setup the range filter to accept all messages but the message received handler never fires.

    canController.Filter.AddRangeFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x00, 0x800);

The above code should accept any standard ID. The only way I can get the message received handler to fire is to use the following for each ID I wish to listen for. This is a simple clock with 2 SITcore modules talking to each other over CAN so the above would simplify things.

        canController.Filter.AddMaskFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x10, 0xFF);
        canController.Filter.AddMaskFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x11, 0xFF);
        canController.Filter.AddMaskFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x12, 0xFF);
        canController.Filter.AddMaskFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x13, 0xFF);

Any idea why this doesn’t work?

I think standard max is 0x7FF.

0x800 won’t work.

Try to made range 0x00, 0x7FF

I changed it to the following and still not firing.

        canController.Filter.AddRangeFilter(Filter.IdType.Standard, 0x00, 0x7FF);

This is with the SCM20260N SoM.

It needs the AddMaskFilter for each one I need to receive.

I just tested [0x00… 0x7FF] an hour ago, works to me.

Can you send me a simple project?