CAN bus communications

Good morning all,
I am looking to use the Domino on CAN bus and was wondering if there was a particular 2-wire CAN transceiver in mind to complete the system.

I was also wondering if there are any firm(ish) estimates on when the new release of the firmware will be? And will this include the non-obsolete CAN classes?

Thanks in advance.

The CAN class driver is fine but it is set to obsolete because we want to be free to replace it with new one anytime we like (without hearing complains :slight_smile: )

The new driver may not be available for months.

About the transceiver, you can use any device that fits your application.

I m investigatting on using the domino card to communicate with an ESX-IOX (by STW) card. Do the Domino Card support the CANopen protocol?

It supports CAN not CANopen but CANopen is a software layer that you can write in C#

So do you think that we could use our FEZ Domino as a CAN-USB adpter. The purpose is to be able to load a program inside our ESX-IOX card which is only possible through CAN.

USBizi (FEZ Domino) has been used commercially to do exactly what you are asking for.

do you have source code sample of this?

There are tons of code samples on

Ask more specific questions for more detailed answer please. You need code example for what? CAN? USB?

I suggest you start getting familiar with FEZ then you will see how all come in really easy