Can anyone help an old fool read a schematic?

It really should be pretty simple, but for the life of me, I know I’m missing some bits.

I’m just not getting power to some of the components on a demo board I bought and I just don’t have the skills.


I sent you a direct message

Or take a picture and upload it. You got us all curious now. :think:

Sure, lets take a look. ;D

Hey, thanks, guys.

Turns out Brett sent me an email and made some suggestions.

They didn’t solve my problem, but they did get me thinking that I wasn’t crazy. I’m sure my wife will refute that later today, but when I went back to the drawing, there was only really one explanation left.

The anode on the IR LED wasn’t getting any power. Once that was fixed, Brett’s suggestions made the rest of it easy.

It’s clear what to do in the sensor spec, but the spec for their demo board test points made some assumptions - like people using it would know what they were doing. Heh. Not me…

Anyway, this wasn’t before hooking up GND to the cathode test point and smoking my fingertips in about 3 seconds.

Thanks for the offers. Love this forum.

@ Willy ended up doing trial and error and getting this to work. Edit: Willy came along and updated us