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Can a Panda II act as an SPI Slave?


I wish to use SPI to connect a Panda II to a host processor. Seems reasonable that the Host is the master. Can the Panda II act as a slave? The reason that I am asking is because I cannot find a SPI Device select input on the board.


Looking at the reply from Gus here: , guess the same goes for the Panda.


You can but with RLP drivers


Hi Guys

Sorry to be dense but replys are terse.

I think that Gus’s answer is NO using the normal SDI interface!

What are RLP Drivers? Some docs suggest they are harware but that seems unlikely.

Humour me - I’m new.


Basically, no you can’t run as a PSI slave as NETMF only include master SPI drivers.

With that being said, you can write your own drivers, in C not C# to use SPI slave. This will not be easy if you are not familiar with C programming, with SPI itself and with microcontrollers.

In my opinion, it is too much work for little benefit. Why do you need SPI slave?!