Can a "micro usb charger" power a mainboard?

For a robot, can a mainboard (Spider/Hydra) + Motor Driver L298 Module be powered by USB Client SP Module + micro usb charger like:

  1. Kit: My Charge Micro USB Emergency Charger

instead of a UC Battery 4xAA Module ?

The answer it is probably obvious for most of you, but I’m new to this field.

Yes with an adapter to convert the micro to standard usb, but they only output 0.5A so you want be drive very much…

The first one you linked doesn’t say, the second one does say 500mA, but it is not uncommon at all for chargers to supply more than 500mA, especially corded ones. I personally have a corded one that supplies >2A.

@ godefroi - Yeah, but they are not corded jobbies…

Right, but there ARE non-corded ones that supply more than 500mA. For example, here’s a 1A version:

Here’s a 2.1A version:

Here’s a 1A version that takes AA batteries instead of using an internal battery:

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Why do I need adapter to convert micro to standard usb? Doesn’t the micro usb charger go directly into the USB Client SP Module (

The USB Client SP is “mini” USB, not “micro” USB. Many of these sorts of batteries actually have a USB A jack on them, so you can use a normal USB A to mini-B cable.

@ allex4project - The chargers use the latest and greatest MicroUSB while the USB client use standard mini USB

Ok, didn’t notice that the USB Client SP is mini not micro.

@ Justin
Why do you say it won’t drive very much? How much time should I expect?

How much time you have depends on how much current you draw. If you have a 1000 mAh battery, and draw 1A, you get 1 hour. If you draw 500 mA, you get 2 hours, and so on.

What he meant by “won’t drive very much” is that the batteries you listed have (according to the specs; reality could be very different in either direction) a maximum current draw of 500 mA. This isn’t a lot, especially if you plan to drive the motor(s) from the same battery. Your battery may not be able to provide enough current. The symptoms would be the voltage sagging and the microcontroller resetting, or the motors having less power than they should.

@ godefroi - That is ok - exactly how I expected to be. And the engine will be powered from a separate source.

I actually didn’t know that it can power also the engine. But now that I know, I think that I’ll try with a portable charger that outputs 2A; I’m interested to function 20min (maybe 30) before recharging; if not I’ll just use separate power source for the engine.

@ godefroi, @ Justin, thank you for your answers.

@ allex4project - Your welcome - enjoy your adventure :slight_smile: