Where can I get information\example\tutorial for the camera? I dont seem to be able to find anything.


USBH_Webcam Class
GHIElectronics.NETMF.USBHost namespace

Is that what you are looking for?

The references that Valen and I just posted refer to using the Spider as an EMX device, not a Gadgeteer.

Wait a few hours, and GHI will be releasing their Gadgeteer library, which you should be using when available.

Gus, please don’t make me a liar. :smiley:

CameraTester project on codeplex shows how to use Camera module with Gadgeteer.

Edit. SDK is up!

Yes SDK is up. Do not use the camera low level class, instead use the gadgeteer designer.

What about the cobra usb camera?
I remember mike saying that you guys bought the same camera like me, but never heard anything about usb webcam since then ???

Rob, your question is not related to gadgeteer and will confuse other readers. I think there was a fix already so did you try your camera again?

Oh yeah, sorry. Did not notice the title saying gageteer.
Anyway. I did not try it with the new SDK, I will do tomorrow.

Thanks Gus :slight_smile: