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Camera support and Win Mobile



Please let me know if you think support Win Mobile or CE in a near future.

We are working in a development but this should include at least 2 Mpixels camera. I know you have released a web cam support but as far as I concern this is a low resolution camera. Please let me know your comments. Thanks


Netmf can run on CE. I’m sure mobile suppots it too


Thanks but it’s not clear for me what you meant. Could you please be more specific?


I would not expect GHI to be supporting and other operating environment in the near future. There current focus seems to be on the Micro Framework.

The other embedded environments require more powerful hardware. The ChipWorkX might be sufficient, the EMX is ok on memory but light on processor, and the others device do not have enough ram.


Hi Mike

How about the another question about the camera?



In my personal opinion, if you are looking for a modern solution for an embedded device and you use anything but NETMF then you are wasting your time. Try to make a pin high or control PWM from WinCE/Linux/Android and you will know what I mean. On the other hand, if you want to play video and looking for a “windows” environment then NETMF is not the right tool.

Yes ChipworkX can run Linux just fine but why do so and lose the “embedded system value” of NETMF? There hare thousands of linux/wince modules on the market. GHI is 100% dedicated to NETMF.

Now to your question on camera, there are many options when it comes to cameras. If you have a serious commercial project then you can always call GHI and talk about options.