Camera Streaming Button Issue


I’m streaming an image using ‘camera.StartStreamingBitmaps(cameraImage)’ and a timer that updates the display to show the cameraImage. I’ve got the fez spider and also tried on a power supply.

I’ve got two issues and I wondered if there were any solutions?

1/ The button event does not call every time - I’ve tested it on it’s own with no problems. I tried a second timer that ticks every second and it’s speed varies and is slow.

2/ The screen sometimes splits itself into four sections and it does not fix itself (happens even on the power supply as well).


Can you take a picture and show us how the screen looks split?

The button works better if I check manually in the same timer as the image display.

I’m using the oled display.

I’ve attached the image - it changes the way it displays every so often and is fine for the first few minutes.

There are extra frames of the same stream! Weird!

Aha! it is the OLED not T35 display. Now things make sense.

The OLED code has a bug that we fixed (it didn’t reset the display on power up)

The coming SDK should have all these little issues covered.

Sorry I should have said. Great - I look forward to the update.

Does this include the button issues?

Thanks again.

Button was fixed in last release already. Maybe you do not have the latest.