Camera doesn't work


I try to capture image by Camera but CameraReady property doesn’t become true and exception happen when TakePicture and StartStreaming is called.
Is this bug of R5 SDK?
Is there any temporary solution?


A known issue with the latest release.


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Hi, show your code where you try to take a picture… Do you do a pictureready in timer event?

Yes, I call in timer tick handler

        void timer_Tick(GT.Timer timer)
            if (camera.CameraReady)

What camera do you use?

Try to put startstreaming method in program started func and chech your newimageready

I use
When StartStreaming is called, exception happens.

If it did not become true then how it jump to TakePicture() function and throw exception?

Is there already a fix available? Cannot use the camera as well.

@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Take a look at Sprigo’s post.

@ John - Will do. Was late already. Thanks :slight_smile: