Camera 1.1 Focal Length?

Just got my shiny new Spider kit! I can take pictures, but they look, well, awful. I think that’s because I have no idea what the camera does for focusing. Is that SW controllable? If so, how? And, if not, what’s a good way to adjust the focal length and get “acceptable” pictures. (I’m not expecting great, just good enough to be recognized…)


You need to manually rotate the lens ring until you get good focus i believe.

you will have to turn that ring a LOT since it’s a very fine pitch thread. You’ll need to turn it way more than you think.

Connect camera to power module and power module to your PC. It is easier to manually fine tune it that way.

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@ jzeevi - A quick and easy way to set the focus is to connect the camera to your PC via the DP module you got with your kit. Here is a blog post by one of the resident experts ianlee 74

@ Architect wins again :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Gus mentioned that trick for the USB camera long time ago.

@ Architect - for us newbies - what’s the power module - Is that the USB Client DP module? And, we can hook it directly to the camera?

@ jzeevi - The power module is the red module you received with your Spider kit, specifically you would have received a DP module (Dual Power) which can be powered from USB or an external power source via the barrel jack. Yes, it can be connected to the camera and then via the USB port, if you take a look at the blog I posted a link to earlier, Ian explains the details around this configuration.

On gadgeteer, power module is the red module.