Calling on the community for offering a Low-cost wifi option

Thanks for our open-minded and active community of over 14,000 users so far, we have been able to work together closely on creating many exciting solutions. The latest one is a low-cost WiFi module based on CC3000. Of course this was suggested by many members and we created a Gadgeteer module to host it. As we already have our own WiFi support in premium libs and we are very busy with some new major product releases, we are handing over the hardware testing and driver development to the community. We have created few boards and we will be providing these free of charge to select members, those who can help in developing the drivers for this module.

There is no set date for producing these modules. It is up the community to complete the development and decide when this module is production-worthy.

The price is expected to be under $40 when we go in production, which is half what the exiting offer cost. The lower cost may bring fewer capabilities but for those with simple needs, like sensor data, the low cost is an excellent choice.

WiFi CC3000 Module:


I like to point out that the driver for FEZ Medusa, which will be announced soon, is already developed and used by many :slight_smile: The keyword is “Arduino” :slight_smile:

Count me in.

@ Gus - Fantastic. I have started on a Managed driver for the CC3000. I’m sure there are some folks that will try to integrate the native code into the firmware. That could be a good way to go. But for those that want to help with a purely managed driver, just let me know and I will send you the code I have now. The goal for me is to have it published in Codeplex under an Apache license.

I could use help with the Smart Config commands, firmware update support for the CC3000, wifi network enumeration, and making sure the hardware is perfect.

Some skills folks should have…
It would be good to have folks with SPI experience and a logic analyzer.
Also, being able to read C++ source code because the TI samples are C++.



Awesome illustration of what can be done now that you have board manufacturing done in house. Very impressive turnaround.

(BTW: Checking daily for Medusa updates … can’t wait for more info.)



Count me in if you need someone to run lengthy SPI traces on the analyzer. I can trace on the OSHW boards.

*** I am not willing to write/port code, but am ready to debug and test.

Super, perfect, at least you guys are having the gadgeteer version of a CC3000 implementation.

How can this board be ordered or do I have to wait for the ‘In production’ state ?

And if I have to wait, when can the production state be expected ?

I don’t require any software coming along with it nor being avail.

FYI, the kind-a-like board is already sold out in a couple of hours over at your fruitfull friends. just not a gadgeteer version. Just to express that, it seems, the market is waiting for it.

It is a little frustrating to see the board announced and cannot get at least one of those … or am I just being too impatient here ?

It’s a great initiative, but unless the final price is < $30 I don’t see the point.
The RN-XV WiFly is available for $35 and already has drivers, it’s also way more feature packed, with its own MCU , GPIO, HTTPClient and more…

@ sysrq - it’s NOT a gadgeteer module. Howmany concurrent sockets does it support ? Could not find it in mnl nor in ds ?

I recon I would use the cerbuino for it ?

I think it’s 4 sockets. Yes, I’ll be using Cerb40 with it.
Actually I don’t know the benefits of Gadgeteer, guess I’ll have to read up on it, and what it really is.

@ andre.m - I’d like to use upnp on the devices, so I require some concurrent sockets on it and the UDP stuff and the admin web site stuff at least. I have to have a web server running, the more clients to better, but that’s only one socket, but permanently. To have something with webservices going at the same times requires some as well. But this is still to be made though do not have all the specs yet …

… I guess I’ll have to wait for the CC3000 in production state … ??

@ PiWi - [quote]I guess I’ll have to wait for the CC3000 in production state … [/quote]

I assume the production state is pending, waiting until a community developed driver meeting GHI quality standards is available.

Cart / horse, or if you prefer chicken / egg, scenario.

How well can you write/test the driver without having the device available to you?

From the original posting by Gus:

I guess there is an egg…

Gotcha - thanks for the reminder.

adafruit has a breakout board that i plan to mess around with until a gadgeteer board is available.

try the one from embedded adventures. it is dirt cheap and worked instantly in my setup

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nice even cheeper

Thanks for the reference!

I have just published my cc3000 Library for .NET MicroFramework on codeplex here:

There is a simple Web Server example and an Internet Time example.

However, it still needs a lot of work… Some of the parts missing: Access Point enumeration, Smart Config, Stream support, firmware patching, local name resolution, domain name lookup, and more…