Calling C# methods in native code

I am trying to call C# methods from RLP to drive the PWM pins, is it possible?

I guess it’s not possible. Then can we use native drivers from NXP to do it?

I guess it’s another no, because our RLP code does not have appropriate pin and register definitions.

Am I correct? So how am I gonna drive PWM within RLP?

Once you can do about anything, including PWM :slight_smile:

The register definitions are available from NXP along with may examples so there is improbably an example for PWM.

Look for “code bundle” on this page please

So I can just do a #include <LPC2388.H> for the definitions right?
We can just code as we are coding a bare metal LPC2388 + RLP.h?


Thanks. I am planning RLP code for my Quadcopter (Second rewrite!) and I want to make sure everything works.

Do not forget to look into “tasking” on RLP. This will give you a function that is called periodically and precisely. This will be your inner loop to figure out the accelerometer and gyro.