Cable and connector at least 2 mtrs - hints

Hi there

I am messing with a project that goes under ground - about 1 meter, and I want the controller box to be over ground.

There is 4 microswitches, a permanent magnet that needs 12V to release, and a stepper motor

The wiring plan so far is:

[ol] GND
12V for magnet (not permanent)
Sw1 (Shortcuts to GND when pressed)
Sw2 (Shortcuts to GND when pressed)
Sw3 (Shortcuts to GND when pressed)
Sw4 (Shortcuts to GND when pressed)
Reserved for future use
Reserved for future use[/ol]

I am looking for a generic cable solution that is:

[ol]possible to assemble yourself, or available in standard lengths
Possible to get a reasonable priced connector to mount on the PCB
Relatively sturdy and stable[/ol]

Any experiences?

My first idea is a standard 2 row DB15 or 2 RJ45 cables…

How far can I expect to have it working?

Is the connector going to be above ground?
Is it going to be exposed to the weather?
How much current does the magnet need?
How about the stepper motor?

RJ-45 is not designed to handle a lot of power or work in environmentally challenging situations.
The DB series connectors can handle more power but also weren’t designed to be used outdoors.

I used both types of connectors outdoors (but under cover so they don’t get directly wet) and have good success, but this is for very low current (tens of milliamps at most).

Definitely 2 cables, a (smaller) one for the signals, the (bigger) one for the motor/magnet lines.
Both with shields, connected to ground.

For power cable, it might be important to use the correct wires.
What I mean is :
GND and 12V-Magnet on twisted pair of wires,
same with twisted pair of wires on “Motor 1A & 1B” and with “Motor 2A & 2B”