C# on Cortex-M0 β€” that's gonna be sweet




Only thumb mode?

@ mtylerjr - Cortex-M0 only supports Thumb instructions.

Its happening!!!

Very interesting. Looks like M0-M4 correct?

I think it was already on M3/M4, now we’re adding M0.

Same over here, isn’t L152 an M0 and the F411RE an M4 ?

Or is this just done for easy scripting, and all have the same settings ?

And M7, if that’s working then the software will be catching fire …

I did not know that!


  +        // Supported architectures  
  +        const string c_CortexM0 = "cortex-m0";  
  +        const string c_CortexM3 = "cortex-m3";  
  +        const string c_CortexM4 = "cortex-m4";  
  +        const string c_CortexM7 = "cortex-m7";  

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