C/C++ Comparison?

Hello I am a engineering student. I want to know about difference of TWO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE C AND C++ . In first semester I studied C and now I have to study C++ . I want to know which one of those two is tough one. Are those inter-related in Any ways ?
Life ahead easy or difficult for me :smiley: ?

The answers are here:

C++ is the object orientated extensions to C.

Ok .At least you didn’t call it Spam this time.

But given we’re probably 90% using C#, it’s not really a topic I’d expect to be readily answered. You’ll get much more thorough answers to questions related to the .Net micro framework and C# than you will to general questions like this - just want you to know that how far you stray from those netmf topics will impact how your question is perceived and answered

I work with C++ and C# all the time. I don’t mind answering C++ questions.

Point being is that it’s a byproduct of your experience, not the forum’s reason for existing, that you can assist. If you went to a C++ forum or coding site, you’d be more likely to have people who were there for the same reason to be able to assist. Same as if I asked about lawn mower engine repairs here, sure someone might be a mechanic and be able to answer me, but my chances of getting more relevant assistance is better if I’m looking in a forum where mechanics hang out…

@ Brett - I understood your point and agree. only the OP can answer why he is posting here.

btw, what’s wrong with your lawn mower? :slight_smile:

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Get some sheep, no carburetors to fiddle with.

See, I don’t know what the problem is, because I don’t know anything about engines ! Can anyone help? [/joking]

The dogs would eat the sheep - perhaps I just need to teach them to eat the grass :slight_smile:

@ Brett - the first thing I would check is whether you have the latest firmware installed on your mower

I’m still erring towards power - maybe my USB port and cable is not able to deliver the power I need.

@ Brett - Is your mower USB2 or USB3?

I think it’s USB2, because it’s red not blue? And yes, I read the data sheet on the mower but couldn’t find any USB compatibility mentioned. Maybe I did have a boy look at the data sheet, but I’d like to think I’d see something as obvious as USB in the index !

@ Brett

Your question is missing one or more of these details:[ul]
The name of the product.
The code you’re trying to run.
Details on your setup.[/ul]
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Also, have you tried a different Gadgeteer socket and/or cable?

Honda Buffalo Buck HRU19.

Not trying to run code, just trying to get it powered properly. And I can’t use different Gadgeteer cables because it doesn’t look like it’s a Gadgeteer mainboard.

My house is on a 709m^2 block of land that has an area of 120m^2 of grass that requires mowing. I can’t find where to plug the USB cable to get enough power and length to mow.

OK probably far enough with the lawn mower motor gag :slight_smile: