C# and gadgeteer on Pi with Mono?

I have an idea and I wondered if the community had any feedback on whether it is a good idea or whether I’m setting off down a road full of obstacles.

I’m a big fan of gadgeteer, the sockets make it easy to assemble things and C# with its event handling is a great language to use. I also have had much success with running c# on Raspberry Pi with mono 3.x and driving GPIO with the sharp.IO library.

I would love to combine the power of Mono and full c# / .net 4.0 support with gadgeteer devices. So here is my idea… build a socket class that implements the interface from Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware but using sharp.io. Then take the drivers for each module and compile them with .net 4.0 as the target and reference my class instead of SPOT.hardware.

Thinking of trying socket Y first with a character display then a socket I with an accelerometer. Before I start plugging gadgeeter sockets onto the Pi is there anything electrical to worry about? For socket X I figure I can directly connect to any seven GPIO pins directly. For socket I the gadgeteer documentation states that the mainboard should have ~2k2 pull ups on SDA and SCL the Pi has 1k8 so again I think I can directly connect the socket.

I looked at Lynx but I really prefer c# and it looked difficult to map the socket interface to the Lynx drivers.

Any feedback appreciated.



Looks good.

There is a similar project on codeplex.



Thanks that will definitely help me get started. They have a socket class and have used it to attach some 3rd party non gadgeteer devices. I want go one step further and connect gadgeteer sockets but this is a definite head start. :slight_smile: