By By Pi, Hello ODROID-C1

You can get the 8GB eMMC or just use a class10 uSD card

You can boot to the SD card instead of the eMMC, if you like. It supports UHS-1 which is significantly faster than class 10, apparently.

Has anyone experience in installing the OS on such a thing?
I’m an absolute Linux beginner. I never really used it.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Usually there is an image and it is a UBoot or something similar based. All you have to do is format an sd card and drop couple of files on it.


It is very easy. Just head over to the ODROID-C1 wiki page. everything is there.

In a nut shell download the OS image from their site, then use Win32DiskImager to put the image onto your SD card. when done just pop it in the unit. thats it.

If your using the eMMC, its the same process. The eMMC comes with a adapter board so that you place the eMMC on the adapter then the other end is a SD card interface.
Just plug all that into your computer and perform the same process. when finished, remove the eMMC module and plug it into the C1. Then power up.


@ VersaModule - @ Architect - sounds great. I think I’ll give it a try.

I’ve just ordered the C1, plus some extras (eMMC, Housing, power supply, cabels, …)
This sums up to about 130€ ::slight_smile:

I’ve chosen the eMMC because a micro SD UHS 1 costs more or less the same.
So far all C1 articles are marked as “will be sent later with free shipping”, so I’ll see when it arrives.
I’ll give notice when it has arrived and if I like it or not.

Got mine in yesterday. LOVE IT!!!

@ VersaModule - How do you code and debug for your C1?
I’d like to use VS2013 and remote debugging if possible.
But for what I read, MONO Project discontinued the VS remote debugger plugin, and now you should buy XARAMIN.
I also found this:
But what I read about this it has a lot of “VS crash” issues, and the development is not very active.

Well, here are 2 ways I know and have tried that work great.

#1) You can use VisualGDB and VS to compile and remote debug.
I posed a video about that here.

#2) You can use Eclipse and also reote debug as well. Derek Molloy posed a video hot to do this for the BBB. I followed his video for the C1 and it worked just fine as well.

I have not made the full switch to Linux, so I am using the free VS2013 Community edition with VGDB.


@ VersaModule - vgdb sounds great. I will give it a try. Thank you.

Long video from Derek but some great stuff in there.

I guess you could use the same principle to build a QT app and debug this on the target?

I may fire up my A10 based Linux board and give this a go. :slight_smile: