By By Pi, Hello ODROID-C1

If your hungry for more power than the RPI B+, and dont want to break the bank then look no further.

Ordered mine last night, cant wait to get it.
There is a shop in USA that sells their products as well.


Nice board.

Again I’m confused, how are they putting so much capability into a $35 dollar device? I just don’t get it. The PCB alone should cost more than that.

@ Mr. John Smith - Economies of scale.

It is a cool board,

You can read information about the board in the December issue:

If they get the coming .NET Framework running on them, which MS will provide for Linux, then it really might be an interesting device for me as well.

@ Reinhard

Mono works!!!

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Monodevelop or Xamarin Studio for Develop c# web-applications.
For Desktop you must use GTK#.

No WPF :frowning:

“No WPF” is why I never looked into MONO.
Bit if MS really brings .NET for Linux on their own, I guess it will include WPF.

@ VersaModule - Where did you order it from? The German shop seams not to have it so far.

As far as I remember, there’s are no plans to bring WPF to linux. Actually, they are only porting ASP.NET server core assemblies.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier

If you want to play with odroid you can by a other board.


Price: ~70€

The lack of an LCD interface is the only downside of the C3 for me. Price is awesome though if you only need to use the HDMI output.

Though it is true there is no direct LCD interface. However there are plenty of ways to get around that. I have a 5" capacitive touch on the B+ using SPI.

Take a gander at these links and I think you will be happy to see the results.
It all started when i was playing with my Arietta G25 board when later they posted this page for it. (check out the video on this page)

I figured if that puppy @ 400mhz can do that, then the PI would have no problem as well.
So i headed over to here: Home · notro/fbtft Wiki · GitHub
and tried it with my 5" LCD. Works like a charm.

The LCD I used was this.

The great thing is they are going to add this in January. Here is the post on it.

The day when I’ll be able to install a free Windows 10 copy on such a device is going to be the happiest in my life.

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“Windows 8.1 with Bing” is free for devices with a screen smaller than 8".
Shouldn’t this be true for such a device as well (as long as you don’t connect your 55" Full HD TV :whistle:

Yes, but it is only available to manufacturers, not individual hobbyists.

Partly, yes.

I will absolutely buy one of these. I have a Pi right now serving as a domain controller (and I have another one scheduled to go in as a backup DC), but it just wasn’t powerful enough to satisfactorily run my TV server, so I had to go with a VIA MiniITX setup. The ODROID-C1 definitely will be, and I will be happy to leave even more fans in the dust!

The German shop has it on stock now: 44€
But the eMMC modules range from 40€ (16GByte) to 80€ (64GByte).
But no preinstalled for C1 in German shop so far.
The high eMMC price and no preinstalled one holds me currently back from buying it.