Button S7

I’m really sorry I missed this module. Any change it will return one day? Has to be pretty cheap to build in MI. :slight_smile:

If you are a good friend of Gary’s, he may look around for one :slight_smile:

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Gary loves me! Why he even put me on a list. Oh…wait…what list was that again? :smiley:


Using that philosophy - Gary loves us all as we are all on at least one of his lists.

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@ Sprigo is right most of the regulars have been on one list or another :whistle:, however I will see what I can find this week, I may have one at home.

Gus you aren’t supposed to tell everyone that, now everyone will try to be my friend. @ Josh - can we add a friend request feature? ;D

Perhaps just a feature that exposes the lists.

lol, that might not be a good idea, I put notes next to all of your names!

LMAO, that was me a few years ago, now I just use notepad…lol

Ah, the evolution of note taking. In a few more years you’ll grow up and use Evernote :wink:

No love for stickynotes?

I found Google’s Keep very convenient for note taking.

it’s just a simple list of names and what to “include or not” in the next order! :whistle: