Bus can extended


i’ve a project to connect a fez panda 2 to an existing can bus i’ve created with some microchip PIC 18f2680.

In my pic CAN bus, for exchanging the more bytes as possibles, i’ve used the extended frames with 29 bits (instead of 11 bits for standard frame) and i’ve used 24 bits of the 29 bits for transmit extra datas (3 bytes more) and keep only 5 bits for the real identifier.
As i’ve only 6 cards on my can bus, 5 bits for identifier is enough. And so i can exchange 11 bytes of datas (8 of real datas + 3 from identifier) on my can bus.

So when i receive a can frame, i have to read the identifier for extracts the 3 extra bytes. No problem with the pic but i don’t find any method to do that with the panda …
And i don’t find also how to parameter the bus in extended version.

have you any idea about that ?


You’ll probably want to spend some quality time with the LPC2387 user manual and the Register class.