Built-in accelerometer on ChipworkX


I’m using the ChipworkX Development System with .NET MF SDK 4.1 from GHI (with Premium Library). According to the ChipworkX_DevSys_Broch_Pinout.pdf file, the board has a built-in accelerometer (BMA020). IIRC, also the demo application which originally came with the board (the PONG clone) was controlled by moving the board itself so it must be possible to somehow get to this data.

Can anyone give me a hint on how to access the accelerometer readings from my code, please? I’ve searched for code examples, went through all documents available to me but couldn’t find the answer anywhere. Any help is appreciated.

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Michal Siwak

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The driver for that Accelerometer is in Drivers folder of the following codeshare:


The project also has the code that shows how to use the driver.

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Hello again,

thanks for the extremely fast reply. That was exactly what I was looking for, great! I’m getting down to analyze the code now.

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Michal Siwak

You are welcome!