Building devices with gadgeteer, a cool image

I think this is really cool idea. I found this image on our wiki. Who posted it?

@ Gus - Doesn’t the wiki software tell you who made the edit? Definitely looks cool!

From User 7915

Sorry for the lack of identification. I posted the “Spider Kit ERECTOR set fabrication”.

Here’s the Amazon link for the bucket of Erector stuff…

Maybe we can find somebody who would design 3D printed parts for mounting gadgeteer stuff on erector parts.

There is something to be said for being able to prototype a reusable fabrication for $30.0. :wink:

@ ransomhall - I can fire up Inventor and spit something out if you give me a rough idea of what you want…

@ Justin - Thanks for the offer! I’m not sure what the standard erector set hole spacing is, so I would have to order a set before I could get specific. I noticed Bob used zip ties. I’m thinking about something that would snap right into something like the Tamiya boards, or my board (Online Custom Laser Cutting Service - Used By Apple - FREE Sample). The other side would snap into erector pieces. Let me think on it awhile.

12.7mm (half inch)

fyi If gadgeteer stuff is 5mm centre holes, maybe this type of set would work better (10mm offset).

@ ransomhall - I forgot. How much was your spider web at ponoko?

Without a membership it was almost $50. I had one made that was all holes, without of the blank space under the LCD as in the original.

@ Mike - Zoinks! I definitely think the Tamiya universal plates are a much better deal. for $50, you could get 4 of the large universal plates, with money left over. They’re not as big as @ ransomhall’s design, but for the price, you could easily bolt a few together if you needed more area.

Yah, zoinks is right, but GHI now has a laser cutter collecting dust somewhere… the Tamiya plates are definitely the best deal.

Gus mentioned that after moving to a new building they will put that in use.

Gazooks! It was expensive but perfect for larger projects.

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