Building devices for Text-entry: Student Workshop at University of Stuttgart

Can master-level university students utilize .NET Gadgeteer? Here is an example from University of Stuttgart.

[quote]Last week we conducted our first Gadgeteer workshop for a test audience comprising 18 Master-level students within the context of our advanced HCI lecture. After a short introduction to the Gadgeteer platform, C# and its quirks, we made every group build a digital camera with components from the basic Gadgeteer kit. It was interesting to observe how they split up the tasks of component assembly, programming and tangible frame building (we gave them several breadboards and pins to attach components to).

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Interesting exercise - good to see more people picking up on Gadgeteer :slight_smile:

NETMF at School…Wonderful !

Another good thing coming out of Stuttgart …

My personal ranking:

  1. Porsche
  2. Me
  3. Gadgeteer in the university.