Build errors

Yesterday everything was fine, built and ran my project. This morning, trying to build I get :


answering No, i get:

What’s happening ???

Did you import GHI.TinyClr.Drawing nuget package ?

Yes, I then got errors such as:
‘Image is defined in both system.drawing and GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Drawing’.

What other nuget packages and references are in your project? It looks like you’re trying to use the System.Drawing assembly from the desktop .NET, which won’t work.

The problem is that it worked fine yesterday. Today it does not

Right, seeing the package and reference list will still help though.

The references:

the packages:

I have created a new project, incrementally added my source code, added the required resources, and am running fine again.

TinyCLR doesn’t work on Thursdays?!

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and am running fine again.

Nice to hear that.

Lets hope its only thursday Jan24

So in your references you had an errant System.Drawing reference. That was the cause of the failure. How it got there though, I can only speculate.