Build Configurations

When I’ve been developing code for my Panda, I’ve always had the Visual Studio Build Configuration set to “Debug”. I’m curious to know how the different build configurations work.

For example, I perform the following steps:

[ulist]Set build configuration to “Debug”.
Write code to flash an LED once per second.
Build/deploy the code to the Panda.
Reboot the Panda, and the LED is flashing once per second. Great.

[ulist]Now, change the build configuration to "Release"
Change the code to flash LED once per 100 ms (just so I can visually see the code changed)
Build/deploy the code to the Panda.
I get build and deploy success messages.
Reboot the Panda.
The LED continues to flash once per second (not 100 ms, as I would have expected)[/ulist]

It seems that the “deploy” operation doesn’t do anything when I’m configured for a release build.

What am I not understanding here?


After changing from Debug to Release, visit the project properties again, and make sure USB is selected (default is emulator)

Ahhh… thank you. I knew it had to be something simple. Just wish I could have figured it out on my own before making myself look stupid. :slight_smile:

No worries, we’ve all been there :wink: