//build Auckland

Any of you local trend setters going to //build in Auckland on the 30th?

@ Justin - Glad to see you being back here … and about Auckland … if only I was a little bit closer …

Anyways, I think I’ll try to see Pete in Amsterdam it is a little bit closer to where I am now … but just a little bit …

@ Justin - I am going to //build Austin tomorrow. Wish I was going to the one in NZ.

I was going to go. I registered :confused:

RT is only about $250…

I’m just too busy :frowning:

@ mtylerjr - Thats a pity, could have given you some toys to test…o well

@ Justin - RT fare is 398NZ now. Send me air fare and I’ll jump on a plane tonight or tomorrow morning early, lol.

@ mtylerjr - but i need beer money :clap:

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The more the merrier, hic :dance:

Good location for the conference :slight_smile:

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@ Justin - Keep us posted on what’s hot and what’s not? Anyone doing anything the NETMF or Gadgeteer that you know of?

@ Jason - will do, coffee time at the mo

Sardo is a crack up, he’s still wearing his flight gear :smiley:

Yup, its New Zealand…IoT and cows :smiley:

Won’t the sheep get jealous ? :smiley: ;D .

@ Brett - bbbhhhaawwww