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Build a nuculear reactor in your garage!


Seriously! You have to see this: . A Microsoft employee build a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage and has a group of kids running it…




If someone would build something like that in my neighborhood, I would call the cops, lol :smiley:

Insane project :o


This is one of the original reactor designs, pretty old. High school aged kids have been building these for a long time, they’re pretty safe.


Probably will be too late :o


“the Radioactive Boyscout” is also a good read on this same sort of subject. Too bad the feds shut his down!

EDIT: Oh hey, wait, he WAS from Clinton Township!! Hey GHI, are you guys radioactive? :-[


Maybe that is why the guys here are too smart lol


I worked for about 1 year in a nuclear power plant inside the reactor back in the 80’s.
No, don’t give light at night. And I managed to produce 4 lovely kids, 3 boys and a girl.


Inside the reactor? :o

Recently I have watched a lot of documentaries about Chernobyl and Pripyat.

It was amazing to see what those scientists made possible under such extreme conditions.
They ran through corridors which had high level of radiation to be as least exposed as possible.

Some of them gave their lives just to make sure other lives were saved from a nuclear dust cloud.


As a former nuclear operator, its scary how easy it is to make radioactive material. A few oil paints contain natural uranium( ocre for example) take an electron beam, hit the right foil(beryllium if I remember) and you have a neutron source. Aim the source at the paint and walk away fror a few months, and viola you have some highly radioactive material.


The problem is not the Technology, its the Responsibility of the user; in all the Maturity of the society… I wish my scince classes had nice toys like that. :slight_smile: