Build 10556 on PI2 + DSI

And a big yoohoo …

Although not that it is mentioned somewhere where I’ve read but connecting a 7" original PI display as can be found here [url][/url] does turn up with a nice surprise … thank you microsoft …

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Ooohhhh, does touch work?

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I can’t confirm, as I don’t have a touch Pi screen, but no. A screen with a USB touch cable will.

Also, apparently the 10556 update didn’t have anything specifically in the Windows 10 IoT Core side that enabled the DSI to work, there was also a firmware update in the image, and that appears to have been the lucky change

Just wondered if they got touch working while they got display working, aah well, hopefully a future release.

Yeah, understood, but since the display working is a “gift”… :wink: .

@ .Peter. - How did you enable the LCD? I have the latest firmware and have not been able to get it to work.

UPDATE: Nevermind, the flat ribbon cable was loose :-[

@ munderhill - That was my first problem as well …

at first I used raspian with update/upgrade as a ref since it works there (b4 10556). I did this just to confirm the display is working from a HW point of view. It is there where I found out that the cable is a little bit tricky … but in the end it turns out to be just fine … cool little display. Too bad the default pi2 app doesn’t scale good on this resolution …

Maybe the iot core default app can be found in the samples on [url][/url]