Bug in Glide CheckBox.checked?

can it be, that there is a bug in the Glide CheckBox.checked function?
If you write CheckBox.checked = true and then read CheckBox.checked you get “false”.
This behavior is different from the CheckBox in C#.

Dear RoSchmi,

I’m running 4.2 on Hydra and glide netmfglide-16832 where I do not have this issue you’re mentioning.

Dear Chris,
my system is NETMF 4.1 on a spider and Glide version, runtime-version 4.0.30319.
If you do not see the issue, I’ll first see whether i can reproduce it in another program context.
In the meantime I found out that the issue only occurs, when I read the CheckBox.checked property in a CheckBoxTapEvent.
If I read the CheckBox.checked property in a TapEvent for a button on the same window I get the expected “true” if CheckBox.checked before was set to “true”.
Any explanations?

Problem solved, no bug…
touching the CheckBox toggles the CheckBox.checked state. If then the checked state is read, it is already changed to the negation of the initial state.
Beg your pardon.