BT version for Bluetooth Module

I shouldn’t need to ask, but what version of BT is this module?

3.0? 4.0? And isn’t this something that would ideally be on the product page?

Suffice it to say, I am looking for a BLE 4.0 module. Thanks.

This is an excellent BLE Module -

The GHI one is definitely not BLE.

Didn’t think so. Just would be nice if GHI would specify. Info is often insanely anemic on the product pages.

The prob I have with Justin’s module is similar: Where are the drivers and code samples? (why can’t how-to links be front and center on the product page?)

But also, though I am a big fan of community built stuff, and I’m sure all my brit friends would be stoked in this case, I’m not excited about shipping cost and time to USA (where are the US distributors for this awesome community stuff?.. that would be cool)

@ dapug - drivers are in my SDK…i send sample code via email…

As for US distribution…IoT Labs will most likely send things like the BLE module out, but its not ready yet…

Justin, sounds great. You offer a candy-land of awesomeness for Gadgeteer, and I’ve got to get around to picking up several things from you at some point soon. :slight_smile:

@ dapug - Hi, the Bluetooth Version of the GHI Bluetooth module is V2.0+EDR.
Not for every usage BT 4.0 is better than 2.1.
What do you want to do with bluetooth?

play-i Bo and Yana are BLE 4.0 only.


@ Justin -
Hi, is your Bluetooth Smart module capable to communicate with Bluetooth 4.0 Sensors?
I read that a device must support a functionality that is called “Bluetooth Smart Ready” to communicate with Bluetooth Smart Sensors (“Bluetooth Smart Ready” means that it supports Bluetooth 2.x 3.0 and 4.0). As far as I know your module is “Bluetooth Smart” and not “Bluetooth Smart Ready”. If this is right, a device with your module could only be used to communicate with e.g. a PC or phone that supports “Bluetooth Smart Ready” and not with a Bluetooth Smart sensor.
I’m sorry that I didn’t yet get the time to try your Bluetooth Smart module. It’s still in the large box with all the other cool modules I want to try.

@ RoSchmi - At the moment the module can only act as a client so only BT4 host devices can connect to it, the module cant create a connection.

For the module to connect to another BT4 devices or sensors it needs to have a slightly different firmware so it acts as a host device. I am currently working on a firmware to support this. Only issue is to change firmware you need a TI CC debugger to upload the firmware to the module.

@ Justin - Thank you for the information