Brownout detection

Is brownout detection enabled on GHI mainboards? If so, is it configured to reset device on brownout event? I am particularly interested in G120 and G400.

Two suggestions:

  • Add a section on brownout topic in G120 and G400 user manuals explaining how it is configured to work
  • Add method(s) within GHI.Processor class that allows enabling/disabling and/or configuring brownout detection circuit
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@ iamin - I do not believe we configure them beyond any defaults. You can always add an item to the task tracker if you want us to expose them in the libraries.

@ John - So this leads to another question - what are the default settings for brownout? For example, can you tell us how do you configure BORD, BOGD, BODRPM bits for G120?

@ iamin - I do not believe we set them at all. So whatever values they take at reset which are 0 according to the manual. You can use the register class to be sure.

@ iamin

Can you confirm that the brownout bits are operational on the G400?

@ Gene - I have not yet found a spare time to do some tests on this topic. But when do, I will start with G120. If you need immediate answer, I suggest asking GHI team.

Also, feel free to vote on these two suggestions - every vote counts :wink: