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Brochure Typo


The text below, has a typo on ‘nesseray’. It should be necessary.

FEZ boards
with hardware plug-ins and free
eBook, you can get your project
working in no time. No electronics
knowledge is nesseray. Program,
deploy and debug easily using
Microsoft’s free Visual C# Express!


Nice catch! Gud speling is very importent. :wink:


Also, in the FAQ

What is FEZ,
first line, word 6. “is a ciruit board based on USBizi” - circuit.

How fast does FEZ work? Is it fast?
First paragraph, last sentence. “is only what you write, it doesn’t include”. The comma should be a semicolon. If you have two full sentences that are related you need a semicolon there, not a comma. Comma’s replace “and” basically.
paragraph two, first word - “Lets say you write a program” Let’s is a contraction of “let us” to “let’s” so you need the apostrophe.

Is FEZ Real-time?
Last paragraph, last sentence. “fine with being between 1ms to 10ms late then”, either get rid of the “between” or replace “to” with “and”. i.e.:
a) “fine with being 1ms to 10ms late then” or
b) “fine with being between 1ms and 10ms late then”.

Who makes these products? How do they relate to Arduino?
First paragraph/sentence. “The main FEZ boards and components are GHI Electronics, LLC products.” This sentence doesn’t really answer the question posed. Better would be “The FEZ boards and components are made by GHI Electronics, LLC.”

Last paragraph, last sentence. “This is not an Arduino product, it only has a similar”. What is this? “FEZ boards are not a Arduino products”.

I want to design my own board. What should I do?
Whole paragraph needs a re-write.
Currently: “If you are making a FEZ mother-board like FEZ Cobra or FEZ Rhino then take the files provided and modify them anyway you like. Or easier, just use the files unmodified. If making a plug-in for the boards then follow what we have with one of the available plug-in components.”

Suggestion: “if you are planning to make a FEZ mother-board like the FEZ Cobra or FEZ Rhino then you may take the files provided and modify them any way you like. You may also use the files unmodified if you wish. If you are making a plug-in for the existing boards, then use of the the available plug-in components as a guide/template.”

How can I lower the cost?
First paragraph, second/third sentence: "For higher volume, you may want to start a new design that is based on the open-source-FEZ hardware and using the same powerful chipsets/modules. This will lower the cost and customize the circuit board specifically for your needs."
First sentence is long, second sentence sounds as though it should be part of the previous one but you didn’t want to make the first sentence too long.

Suggestion: “For higher volume you may want to start a new design that is based on the open-source-FEZ hardware. By using the same powerful chipsets/modules you may lower the cost and customize the circuit board specifically for your needs.”

What if I need more memory?
First sentence: “The core of FEZ Rhino, FEZ Domino and FEZ Mini is USBizi, which is a powerful chipset with limited memory”. replace with “The core of FEZ Rhino, FEZ Domino and FEZ Mini is the USBizi which is a powerful chipset with limited memory”. Added “the” removed comma.

Second sentence: " FEZ Cobra which is based on EMX Module. [br][br]Even further, concider[sic] ChipworkX Module." Add ‘the’ and merge. Consider is spelt wrong.
“FEZ Cobra is based on the EMX Module. If you require additional memory consider using the ChipworkX Module”.

Last sentence: “another is small or none, so its easy to start with FEZ Rhino then upgrade to more sophisticated device, like FEZ Cobra.” or should be ‘to’. ‘its’ should be it’s, comma unnecessary at the end. needs ‘the’ before FEZ.
“another is small to none, so it’s easy to start with a FEZ Rhino then upgrade to a more sophisticated device like the FEZ Cobra.”

TinyCLR, NETMF, USBizi, FEZ… How do they relate?
First paragraph, last sentence: "This means, a PC programmer can now program a little device and even use Visual Studio ". Unnecessary comma, little should be embedded, even unnecessary.
“This means a PC programmer can now program an embedded device and use Microsoft Visual Studio”

Second paragraph, re-written:
“The core of NETMF is a piece of software called TinyCLR. TinyCLR is responsible for parsing/executing assemblies and managing system resources. GHI have taken NETMF and re-written it to run on a single microchip called USBizi. GHI have also added a lot of features to NETMF such as CAN, Analog Input, Analog Output, PWM, USB host controller and many more.”

Third/fourth paragraph re-written:
“FEZ boards use the USBizi chipset and are designed with beginners, hobbyists and educational institutions in mind. FEZ boards are intended to be extremely easy to use and learn. For example, there are many sensors (which include a driver/code example) which are ready to plug right into the FEZ boards. By connecting a few sensors and using the available drivers a beginner can create all kinds of devices very easily. Although the FEZ boards target hobbyists, FEZ allows rapid prototyping of new designs for professionals.”

What are components, shields and extensions?
2nd line: “plug in directly to FEZ Domino” “plug directly into a FEZ Domino”

What do you have for academic institutions and instructors/professors? - title on this should be changed.
First line: “, embedded system and more” - system should be plural and there should be a comma after systems. - “embedded systems, and more”

“The hardware cost is very low and software is free. Also, FEZ is not a toy, it is based on the cutting-edge USBizi chipset that is used in many commercial projects around the world.” to:
“FEZ hardware very cost effective and the software is free. FEZ is is based on cutting-edge technologies such as the USBizi chipset which is used in many commercial projects around the world.”

“If you are interested in educational pricing or in custom kits that include your choice of components, please contact us directly.” - educational pricing isn’t special, it just is. Everyone does it :wink:

“Discounts are only available for volume purchases of 10 or more units by educational institutions. We do not offer discounts for students.”

I’m going to stop there or i’ll just end up re-writing the whole thing and waste my lunch break!

Sorry for being a grammar/spelling nazi :wink: My dad always was, and my girlfriend is a writer/teacher. Bad influences! Additionally, I’ve done a lot of re-writing for chinese companies of manuals and product websites which makes me even more aware of this sort of thing. I could do a lot more with the FAQ if you’re interested, this was just a quick glance over lol.


Grammar police. :o

Can’t all my commas and hyphens get along. :wink:


I provide content re-writing services to my clients because trying to sell a product with chinglish or ESL english looks unprofessional. If a document doesn’t read smoothly and clearly it puts people off the product (whether they realise it or not) :slight_smile:

Someone’s gotta be the grammar police hehe.


Thanks, we will fix those ASAP. 200 points for helping out :slight_smile:


Do you want me to fully rewrite the FAQ and/or other content on the site?


That is a possibility for future but not now since we are too busy to cover a lot of changes. I am sure we will need your help in future :slight_smile:


Wow Sham on us! All of that errors?

Thanks Mark, We’ve corrected the FAQ according to your fixes.


Gus, if you let me know your email address i’ll just send you the fixed html so all you need to do is upload it/add it to your FAQ CMS :slight_smile:


That won’t do. All info come from database plus we need to review it before it is online. I will be contacting you soon