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Bring your kid to work day


I brought my middle child to work today after his football practice and this picture was his contribution to the GHI team, and then he asked if daddy had any flying monkeys. ;D


Looks like he’s drawing the ‘bugs’ that Daddy will put into the software??


he didn’t help rotate the photo :slight_smile:






I share something with you all and you mock me and the drawing my child made! All of your names are going on a list, even those of you who “+1” those comments are going on the list and then we will see who gets the last laugh!!! :whistle:


Well, to your credit, you’ve at least learned to post URLs without a dot at the end… :wink:


@ devhammer - I already added your name to the list, do I need to “+1” it? ;D


When you login, you will get a special download link. 8)


A new addition to the GHI catalog will be available shortly for those who have been subject to viewing Gary’s images.




I didn’t say anything. :wink: