Bricked Panda

Hey, as far as I’ve heard bricking a Panda is pretty difficult - Does half uploading new firmware cut it?

For some reason my XMODEM transfer failed after 128 bytes, now my panda is not being recognised in any shape or form. Nothing in serial terminal, nothing in MFDeploy.

HELP! :slight_smile: Please.

Try USBizi Updater:

Okay, thanks, I’ll let you know how that goes in a couple of minutes.

That worked, thanks Joe :slight_smile:

Never seen that Updater app before, guess I haven’t been on here for too long now :stuck_out_tongue:

Good! it worked! :slight_smile:
Now back tot the terminal application you are using. Make sure that you use Tera Term we have it on
our website. other versions might not work properly with our devices. :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s what I was using - no clue what or why it happened :slight_smile: I’ve done this about a million times now and i’ve never had this problem before.