Bricked G80 dev. board

Hi there

I think I bricked my G80 dev. board after wanted to do some tests using a SWD programmer. I wanted to test the new tinyClr and did not read how to program the firmware correctly. So I connected a programmer and and after i started ST-Link SW I got the message, that there is a protection. So I removed the RDP protection and that caused a full erase…

I know its my fault, I should have read the introductions! But is there a possibility to program tinyBooter or tinlyClr booter using the SWD programmer? Or do I have to replace the G80 chip?

Thanks for your support!
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As far I know you need

Just to put on dfu mode and by pins on boot0 + 3.3v(DFU Mode) and upload tinyclr dfu file bootloader

And this will allow to upload tinyclr.ghi

I can connect to STM32 via Dfu but where can I find the correct dfu file for G80? Maybe not public?


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Is there by the way a way, to go back to NETMF?

Thanks for this link, but I knew that already. Maybe I dont understand, but I can only load *.ghi files, which are not supported by DFU download tool. I found Bootloader page ( but there is no file for G80, so thats why I asked!

Regards MB

You can create a DFU file

Thats right, i can create it from hex or bin file, but I only have a ghi file for G80. If I open the ghi file in an editor, i does not look like a hex file and i cannot say if it is a correct bin file?!

If you’ve removed read protection (which does a full erase of the chip), there’s no way to get NETMF back on it since we do not make the bootloader file for the G80 available. You also can’t use the precompiled TinyCLR firmware for the G80.

However, you can compile your own G80 TinyCLR firmware and just update the scatter file to place the firmware at the start of flash. You’ll need to enter DFU mode whenever you want to update the firmware, but at least you’ll be able to use TinyCLR.

That said, using the Cerb bootloader may work, but it’s not something we support, nor have we tested it.

Thanks for information, so it it nearly bricked :wink: Will try the Cerb bootloader and if it does not work I will order a new IC and replace the deleted one.