Bricked Fez Spider 1.0?


I tried to update firmware on my Fez Spider using the Fez Config. It stopped with an “update interrupted” error message and it wouldn’t recognize the board when I attached it to USB any longer.

So I followed the manual update procedure using TeraTerm but something failed during the XMODEM transfer and now I really have a problem.
I can still connect with TeraTerm, but I only get BL answer from the board. Doesn’t matter if I press b,v or x. It always replies with BL.

So. Anyone know if it the board can be salvaged?
I really hope it can. :confused:


Welcome to the forum.

Please start by reading this document

It would also be helpful if you told us a bit more about your environment. What operating system? What version of Visual Studio? Are you using the latest SDKs? What version of USB is supported by the port you are using? Are you using a powered USB hub? Are you running in a virtual machine (VM)? Are you able to erase the board with the E command?

I is almost impossible to “kill” a board.

I just had the same problem when I wanted to update my G120 to FW 4.3 beta 2.
The problem was that I still had FEZConfig and USB driver from 4.2 installed on my computer.
Booloader update worked without problem, but firmware didn’t.
Using a computer where FEZConfig and drivers from the 4.3 beta 2 SDK where installed worked just fine.
I also did not have to use TeraTerm, because the bootloader on the board was just fine. Only the firmware update was incomplete.

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Tanks for the welcome and thank you both for quick responses :slight_smile:

I’m using VS 2012, NETMF Gadgeteer Paxkage R2 2014 Beta 2 on Windows 7.

I did use the e command and it worked, but as I said the xmodem transfer afterwards failed. Then it responded to any command with BL.

Your answers gave me hope that the board was fixable so I hooked it up again and it worked ok this time. :smiley: It responded fine to all commands in TeraTerm.
I’m not sure what was wrong, but I’m wondering if it could be something as silly as caps lock. Would capital letters cause the board to respond only with BL?
(I noticed that CAPS lock had been turned on when I tried to log into the hibernated laptop).

Anyway, thank you both for giving me hope :slight_smile: I’m really starting to like .NET Gadgeteer development. It’s wicked fast! And a good support forum is a great asset too.

Hope I can help out others in the future.

@ Usr200m - I do believe that the commands are case sensitive.

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Also FW update is sometimes a bit picky about power supply.
Also USB cables are cheap mass products nowadays, and are not as reliable as they have been already.
Reminds me about floppy disks. In theire high time of them I hade no damaged data I can think off. later when they got really cheap, the data was on them was often damaged a year later :’(