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Bricked EMX. Anyone has one for sale?


Bad day.
Just bricked one of the EMX I had.
Anyone has one laying around and willing to sell ?
Please contact at mikhailmargolis@



@ SFR75 - There are EMX several boards, plus the EMX module. What exactly are you looking to acquire?


Yep… the SOM one! )



@ SFR75 - So ? Nobody has one (1) EMX SOM somewhere laying in the drawer that they are willing to sell ?
Please look! ???


@ SFR75 - Start checking your mailbox starting Monday. :whistle:


@ Gary - wow! that’s awesome, I was checking my email box, but the good news arrived in real mailbox.
Huge thank you!!

:dance: :clap: :clap: :clap:


@ SFR75 - lol, I should have specified and you are very welcome.