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Bretts Friday Panels



you really aught to take more effort to get your white balance consistent in your photos



PS: Are they stuffed yet?
What about now?
And now?


How can you afford this stuff dude? Is this what you do for a living?


gets paid in megabucks. :rofl:


Its a bit frightening what an addict will do for their crack :blush:


Glad to see that Gadgeteer still has some love.


I see they have the “New Zealand Deslyned” rating!

That’s like Triple ‘A’ Fush ‘an’ Chup - Beached is Bro rating!

NZ make some cool stuff!


Here you go peaches :stuck_out_tongue:


New Zealander working on a Saturday? What?!??!?!?!?!?!


Got to keep you amused :yum: