Breadboard X1 prototype layer?

Does the Breadboard X1 module have a prototype layer underneath? I really want a prototype module and I can always throw away the breadboard.

@ PintSize.Me - A prototype layer?

Prototype board is a perfboard with copper on each hold but the copper is not connected between holes. There used to be a FEZ Proto Shield that had a breadboard that could be stuck onto it, or not stuck on in which case you had the protoboard. It looked kind of like this Sparkfun product:

I’d love to see a proto module. Something around the size of 2x2 would be great. It could have the Gadgeteer socket on one of the edges or even be a small blister with 10 holes that each correspond to 1 pin like the breakout module does.

Basically take the idea of the FEZ Proto Shield and make it a module with or without the breadboard. Sorry I couldn’t find the FEZ Proto Shield in the GHI store, maybe there is one still floating around the GHI office that could be looked at?

@ PintSize.Me - are you talking about this,

Basically yes. If that wasn’t discontinued I would make do with it.

That looks more like a good way to attach Gadgeteer modules to an Arduino shield, but it is a protoboard with sockets. Ideally it would not have the shield interface or the spot for the chip on the board so that there is more prototype space.

@ PintSize.Me - let me see if I can dig one up for you.

Thanks. Any chance at getting a Gadgeteer specific proto module added to the catalog? I’m hoping to see them available over time and be a module rather than a shield.

@ PintSize.Me - Unfortunately, right now there aren’t any plans to do so.

Could he order through TurnKey?

Is the underside of the Breadboard X1 a solid plate or is it perforated?

what you want are G-PLUG modules or breakout modules into your own protoboard. Or G-Plug/breakouts into a breadboard.

I’ve not pulled the breadboard module apart (don’t own one) but there is no way it’s prototype area - it’d be hidden from 100% of buyers and additional cost for no value.

The old FEZ Proto Shield came with the breadboard not attached and it had the sticky gunk. If you didn’t stick the breadboard onto it you had a proto board ready to go. I was hoping that’s how the new one is.

@ rileysuit - anything can be ordered through turnkey, however, it would be up to the customer to create the project if it hasn’t already been created.

the breadboard module isn’t like the duinoproto module.