BreadBoard X1 1.0

Forgive me, but I am still learning basic electronics. My question is how do I use the LED and button on the BreadBoard Module?


I think that I know how to do it from the software side. I am looking for info on how to physically wire up the button and LED(s)

Assuming you’re using this with a gadgeteer mainboard.
As a suggestion on wiring you could start with two schematics, the one for the breadboard (see the resources tab in the product catalog and then look at the schematic for the GHI’s button module (resource tab, then you can wire your breadboard socket to completely implement your own button module (it’s a place to start). Button Gadgeteer Sockets are X or Y.

I apologize we don’t have any good documentation for this module yet.

Yes it is this one

For a slightly different explanation of my suggestion and code to go with it, see the Developers’ Guide

Thanks Jeff, that set me in the right direction.

@ scardinale -

We ALL start somewhere!

You may want to look at the topics at the following link.

Some is very basic and is a good starting place. Lots of info there…