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Breadboard module


What do you think? It includes a breadboard to add whatever TH components you need and also include LEDs and a button to aid in debugging.

Make sure you open the 3D PDF in acrobat reader, not in google chrome or other readers. You should be able to rotate the board.


Looks good.


Quite roomy.


@ tamberg - welcome to the forum.


Excellent! I bought the parralax board of education shield for the Cerbuino for exactly this convenience. It might be worth having the female headers closer to the breadboard.


You can open it in chrome. First you have to goto the content settings and disable chromes pdf viewer and enable adobe reader.



Great idea.


Will be handy. Didn’t someone already build something similar?


Uhh good idea !
I’ve the same remind as Ian … but I can’t find !




There is one in the community modules wiki…


can you post a link to it


I think it was by GMod.


Yes, it is GMod.


I have that one…it’s nice and compact, but wouldn’t hurt to have two offerings, IMO.

I like the addition of the button and LEDs, which could be convenient for some testing scenarios.


@ tamberg - Hope your working on a Gadgeteer version of Yaler ( )

I picked up a couple breadboard modules from but I like that this breadboard has some nice extras.