Brainpad VS version?

Will the Brainpad only work with vs2013? or has it been upgraded to vs2015 yet?

2015! That is too old. We are using 2017 :). We haven’t updated the instructions yet but you need TinyCLR preview. Please see the news announcements.


your answer is insufficient.
I am not the least interested in debugging your hardware and tinyclr so i say again my question.

what is the state of brainpad? have you abandoned netmf? if not then what is the toolset for brainpad? lists vs2013 as the supported development platform.

if there is updated information, the please deprecate the existing site.
if there is no more information, then i will simply abandon all my ghi hardware and go elsewhere.

elsewhere for netmf ?

let me know.

thanks in advance.

You will certainly bot debug anything you get from us, especially BrainPad. That is what we are here for. BrainPad has made a lot of progress, working directly with companies and schools. What you see in the support page has not been updated as we are still working on the updated material to support VS2017. So come back soon for more updates or contract is directly for an insider scoop.

Some recent posts

Please tell us more on what you are doing with the BrainPad, here or by sending is an email, or even calling us.

I am guessing he has not been following the news posts, newsletters, tech talks so he doesn’t know how much is changing being the scenes.

And here is an older video that will explain the new smaller BrainPad

Sufficient answers or not yet?

@ Dale Lyons, fundamentally netmf 4.3 is only supported on VS2013. To be ultra clear to you (because it seems you want that), just simply follow the instructions on the support page .NET Micro Framework – GHI Electronics and don’t deviate.